European Get Online Week 2015: 23-29th March

Contrary to what many people may believe, not every European is digital yet. But we're getting there. Thousands of non-formal education providers such as telecentres, non-profits and libraries are already busy bridging the gap. They work throughout the year to get people online, improve their digital skills and provide pathways to civil participation and employment.

eSkills | Riga | Photos and Presentations


Last week, representatives from government, industry, NGOs, academia and other key stakeholders from across Europe came together in Riga to discuss strategies of how to advance the eSkills for Jobs agenda.

Riga Declaration kicks off eSkills for Jobs campaign in Europe

The eSkills for Jobs campaign for 2015 is underway with the issuing of the Riga Declaration - the 10 principles that will guide efforts this year to unlock the potential of eSkills to fuel growth and job creation.

Telecentre Europe

Telecentre Europe is a European non-for-profit organisation (NGO) and a member based association with a central office in Brussels, Belgium.
We represent publicly funded telecentres/telecentre networks, ICT learning centres, adult education centres and libraries across Europe where children and adults can access the Internet, learn the latest digital skills and keep up do date with technology and community developments.

Digitally Empowered Europe Unite-IT 2nd Annual Report

The second Annual Report of the Digitally Empowered Europe project is now available and it provides an overview of the achievements in terms of the Unite-IT community development.

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