Democracy Network Program

DemNet served from 1995 through 1998 as the indigenous partner of United Way International in the implementation of USAID's Democracy Network Project in Hungary. The program's goal was to contribute to Hungarian nonprofit sector development through support of nonprofit initiatives based on local needs. DemNet followed a strategy of small grant distribution focused primarily on organizations outside of Budapest.

Grants totalling 172,604,000 HUF (approx. $957,736 USD) were distributed to 356 organizations in five grant rounds. The general purpose of grant support was to strengthen civil society, the nonprofit sector, and democratic processes and to promote the independence of NGOs at both local and national levels. Grant and subgrant categories included: Social Safety Net, Economic Development, Environmental Protection, Democracy Development, Independent Media, Telecottage, Business - Nonprofit Sector Cooperation, Civil Friendly Local Government Program, Mentor Program, Patron of the Year Prize Program, Employment, and Strengthening Volunteerism. In addition, the Foundation supported and organized more than 200 training programs and conferences throughout Hungary by August, 1998.
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